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Express credit despite negative information

The urgent loan despite negative SCHUFA is often urgently needed. However, many people do not immediately get a serious offer, because the appropriate providers are not easy to locate. The financing through the own house bank however or another German financial institution is not possible, if it concerns the urgent loan despite negative SCHUFA.

Express credit despite negative SCHUFA: What is behind it?

If a person is considered with a negative note in the SCHUFA file, this often turns the personal financial situation completely upside down. All funding seems to be blocked at once. But in case of urgent purchases or unexpected invoices, there is a corresponding financial need, which in such cases can only be covered by the express credit despite the negative SCHUFA. Who wants to claim such a credit line, should first make a comparison. For this it is useful to get several offers. Important to know: The express loan despite negative SCHUFA can only be arranged through a financial services company. Here it is important to find a provider with favorable conditions and a serious way of working. The financial intermediaries have contacts to foreign banks, from which finally the urgent loan comes despite negative SCHUFA. For the most part, the conditions are determined by the agency, and it also checks the creditworthiness of the customer.

Steps to urgent loan despite negative

Steps to urgent loan despite negative SCHUFA

After all, no consumer can get past the SCHUFA when it comes to borrowing. If the information is positive, a loan can be chosen from among the numerous offers offered by domestic and foreign banks. But that’s not always the case, with many people not knowing their status exactly. Therefore, it is absolutely advisable to know your own SCHUFA data. This works via a self-assessment, which the SCHUFA must provide each citizen once a year on request, according to § 34 BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act) free of charge. If it now turns out that there has been a negative entry within the last three years, the planned financing can only work through the emergency loan despite the negative SCHUFA. Now it is time to find the appropriate financial intermediaries for whom such a loan is available.

Express credit despite negative SCHUFA: Which criteria decide on the choice of the mediator?

Of course, the interest rates are crucial to find the cheapest possible offer. These are determined individually depending on the creditworthiness of each customer. A first indication of the margins that financial intermediaries call on their website for possible interest rates. It could be 2.75 – 13.00% or even 4.9 – 16.00%. Secondly, the providers are communicating a representative example according to § 6a PAngV (Price Regulation), which is expected on average for two-thirds of the customers of this company. This also suggests more or less favorable conditions. Of course, the basic question in this case is always whether the express loan will be really reputed despite negative SCHUFA.

How do you recognize reputable agents?

Especially when it comes to an urgent loan despite negative SCHUFA, in which the applicant does not want to go through endless experiments and experiments, he should know the most important features of a reputable mediator. These are:

  • free of charge application processing
  • serious website including landline number (no fee-based hotline)
  • no representative visit
  • no additional offers (participations, insurance)
  • no COD charge for sent documents

If these characteristics are completely correct, the customer can consider putting the provider in the shortlist for the express loan despite negative SCHUFA.

The cost of the express loan despite negative 

The cost of the express loan despite negative SCHUFA

The urgent loan despite negative SCHUFA is not necessarily much more expensive than a standard loan. The negative SCHUFA information provided by the applicant is only one of several aspects that affects the risk to the bank and therefore the interest rate. There are people who have a good and safe income, but at some point have not paid an invoice or credit. This led to the negative entry in the SCHUFA, but the financial intermediary will adequately appreciate the creditworthiness of this person and therefore offer a relatively low interest rate. Other applicants are unemployed and thus considered as a risk group, which should necessarily provide guarantees and collateral. Higher interest costs are also expected here. A special position is taken by the self-employed, where the costs depend very much on their income. This must be well above the average, so that the express loan is not too expensive despite negative SCHUFA.

Express credit despite negative not always available

One fact can not be concealed: Not every applicant can receive an urgent loan despite a negative SCHUFA. Persons in bankruptcy or after the delivery of the affidavit are unfortunately excluded because here there would be no way for the bank and the intermediary to act against a default. Furthermore, there may be cases in which one or the other financial intermediary rejects the application, because several difficulties come together. For example, the applicant could be unemployed and also a lessee, and the chances of a proper loan repayment would be very poor. However, no general statement can be made about this. There are credit intermediaries who in such cases can promise a small urgent loan despite a negative SCHUFA if the person concerned can provide a reliable guarantee.

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