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So you earn 800 euros in just 5 minutes. The credit comparison of the 8000 euro credit proves who does not compare, who pays.

8,000 euros credit – is it worth a loan comparison?

Loan Comparison

Who in the circle of friends, with an 8000 Euro credit, speaks of the credit comparison, which is often smiled at in view of the small sum only. A Pfennigfuchser who sits down for hours to save maybe 10 euros in the end. At the house bank, the loan would probably not be more expensive, the effort is not worth it. In this way, conversations with friends can be summarized when it comes to small loans.

A simple credit comparison, without going into detail, takes about 5 minutes. At 8000 euro loan amount, maturity 48 months, the price difference between the most expensive and the cheapest loan is really “pure Pfennigfuchserei”. Anyone who has an hourly wage of 9600 euros and more, wastes his time. For all the others it might be worth investing the few minutes. The credit comparison ensures a cost saving of 800.59 euros. Not a utopian credit-based interest rate was compared. No, the savings are based on a fixed-rate fixed-income offer for all and the numbers of representative examples.

Details of the compared loan offers

8000 euro money

Loan offers are changing fast, hence the date of the loan comparison. 

For comparison, the offer of easy credit, credit-based interest rate of 6 – 13 percent. This loan is offered by the local cooperative banks. The € 8,000 loan will incur a borrowing cost of € 1,616.23 (representative example – 66 percent of all borrowers thus close).

The savings of 800 euros was equal to three other providers. Postbank offered the credit favorably at the credit-based interest rate. The saving potential of this offer was again determined by the representative example.

But credit-based interest rates say less than an interest rate for everyone. This is offered by DKB (Deutsche Kreditbank) and SKG Bank. The offer is 4.95 percent APR. The total borrowing costs for the three listed providers amounted to 815.64 euros. So that about half the price that would have cost the credit in the comfortable walk to the local provider.

Credit rejection – what options remain?

Credit loan

Of course, if there are credit problems, the potential for savings is somewhat in the background. It raises the question of whether there is even a chance on the 8000 Euro installment loan. The possibilities are limited.

Can be perceived the offers of the credit agencies. A loan request costs nothing, but provides clarity about the expected credit opportunities and costs.

Comparing the offers of a credit intermediary is possible with the 8000 euro loan from private investors. The credit attempt on one of the large platforms also costs nothing. Thus, although a credit comparison in just 5 minutes is no longer possible, but the price differences can be similarly serious.


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