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14,000 euros is one of the sums that are difficult to obtain from banks if you do not have an excellent credit rating. The amount, if you are not interested in an earmarked loan such as a car loan, is simply too high to pay it off in the seven years that are the maximum loan term for most financial institutions. However, you can still get the $ 14000 loan if you know how to convince the bank. This text would like to help you.

14000 Euro Credit: How strong must the credit rating be?

14000 Euro Credit: How strong must the credit rating be?

You can easily calculate your credit rating yourself. Although all financial institutions use different ways to determine this, but the basic idea always bleaches the same: you have at the end of the month so much money after deduction of all expenses (this also includes pension benefits, for example, for a private pension) left after deducting the credit there are still enough resources left for any problems. The savings banks, for example, calculate with 100 to 150 euros air after deduction of the loan rate per capita in your household.

As a credit comparison shows, you will have to expect a monthly installment of about 180 euros if you want to repay the loan over seven years. At six years old, you already get over 200 euros. So let’s just stay with the example with a duration of 84 months: You have to have at least 280 euros a month if you live alone in your household. If you have a partner, you are already at 380 euros. Not everyone has such reserves.

So you get a 14000 Euro credit with poor credit rating

14000 Euro money

But you do not have to despair over your weak credit rating. For example, if your partner earns, you may add their credit rating to yours. In this way, you can usually get the loan you want – in this case, it would even be worthwhile thinking about a shorter term.

Alternatively, you can try to provide a collateral security that at least acts as a pledge against part of the loan. If you have residential property, you can put that accordingly. The same applies to a vehicle that still has a sufficiently high time value.

14000 Euro Credit: Is there perhaps a purpose-based loan?

If you need a precise sum like 14000 Euro, you usually have a precise plan of what you want to do with the money. Debt rescheduling, car purchases or renovations are classic examples. You should therefore inform yourself, if you can not get a earmarked loan as 14000 Euro credit. You would also receive this with a weaker credit rating, since in most cases there is automatically a security against the credit (eg the new car).

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